We offer a delicious selection of food on our menu. There is something for everyone. Here is the complete menu of food and beer.  Take your time and make sure you order the right beer for your palette.



The Classic

It is a red and medium bodied roasted beer. It is lightly bitter with a citrus aroma.

URBN Delight

Deep red beer with an aroma of malts, grapefruit, and tangerine. You will bet hints of citrus orange.

Tutti Fruity

A fresh beer that is pale in color. It has the aroma of fresh malt and delicate herbal hint.

The Essential

It is a strong beer with an aroma of tropical fruit which bitterness and dry floral finish. You will get a hint of citrus.

Drink till you Drop

It is a light colored beer with fruity aroma and a dry finish.



URBN Italian Salad

Lettuce, salami, tomato, walnut, chickpea, onion and parmesan. Price: $12

Pizza + Salad

Your choice of pepperoni, cheese, Margherita and a green salad. Price: $20

Chicken Stack

Chicken breast with BBQ sauce, pepper-crumb fried chicken strips, and cheese. Served with seasoned fries and grilled corn.

Boneless Beef Rib

Beef rib glazed with a sauce of your choice. Served with sweet potato fries, boiled green beans and grilled pineapple.

Mixed grill

Half chicken breast, fried egg, and pork sausage. Served with smoky gravy, garlic mushroom and grilled tomato.

You will enjoy your time with these great foods. We source high-quality ingredients all the time. All our foods are fresh.