5 reasons why craft beer is so popular

Craft beers are those that are made by a craft brewery. These breweries produce less than 2 million barrels. The demand for craft beers is increasing. Here are five reasons why.

It tastes better

Craft beers taste better than the mass beers that are produced. The brewers spend a lot of time focusing on the quality of beer instead of focusing on the marketing campaigns. They use the best ingredients possible in producing the beers.

More alcohol

Most craft beers contain 5% to 10% ABV. Some craft beers also contain 20%, 30% or 40% ABV even. So, you get the real taste of beer instead of the watery taste many beers have which adds even more alcohol.  There are some craft beers that are brewed in pressure cookers.  If you plan on doing this make sure you only use the best pressure cookers on the market to make sure you are extra safe.

Health benefits

There are health benefits to drinking craft beer. It contains more nutrients than wine. It has some soluble fiber, B vitamins, and many antioxidants. It is also a rich source of silicon.

Provides more choices

With craft beer, people get more choices. Every craft brewery makes beer in its special way with unique ingredients. So, you get lots of choices.

Beer tours

Craft breweries offer tours on a regular basis. You can visit the factory and see how the beer is made. You can talk to the people out there and know a lot about beer. You can even taste fresh beer as it is produced.

Craft beers are cheaper than the normal beer. They taste better, more nutritious and cost much less than the normal beers you find in many pubs. Craft beers are the trend now. If you haven’t tried one yet, you should buy one and see the real difference. Once you start to enjoy the craft beer, you won’t like the general ones anymore.

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