3 tips on ordering a beer at a restaurant

When you are in a restaurant, ordering a beer can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you find the right beer if you are a seasoned drinker.

Talk to your server


Craft beer is the trend now. Your server should know the comfort level of the craft beer. They can recommend you a beer that will go well with any dish; for example, a sour or fruit beer. Sour beers are complex and interesting. If you have some idea about beers, then you can suggest a style of beer you prefer.

Consider your choice of food


The choice of beer depends on the kind of food you are going to have. If you can make a good pairing with your beer and food, then your meal will be much enjoyable. As a general rule, you can pair red meat with brown ales; and Helles lager with fish or vegetables.  IPAs go well with Mexican dishes. Porters and stouts are good for desserts.

Check out the ABV


The alcohol by volume or ABV can be from 2.7% to 20%. So, you should check the ABV before ordering. It is better to start with the lightest beers. If you try beers with high ABV the first time, then it may be too hard on you.

You can also try something your friends recommend. If you drink beer regularly, then you know how to choose the right one; but if you don’t then the tips just discussed will help you to enjoy a nice glass of beer.  If you find something you really like, you can even try making it at home.

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