What Type of Insurance Does a Brewery Need?

Common Brewery Insurance Coverage

The number of breweries in the United States has increased drastically over the last decade. About 97% of the breweries are regional craft brewers, brewpubs, or microbreweries, which make up approximately 2,800 breweries in the United States. Numerous challenges come with opening and running a brewery hence the need to protect your investment against unexpected events. The insurance cost varies depending on the type and the size of the brewery. There are numerous exposures that breweries have and need to make sure they have the right insurance coverage.

Factors to consider while shopping for brewery insurance:

  • Unexpected events are bound to happen.
  • There are dangerous machinery and the equipment on site.
  • The probability of guests damaging the equipment of the property.
  • Instances where the brewery releases contaminated product unknowingly.
  • Stored beer and beer in transit.

A brewery requires maximum insurance protection due to the risks involved in both manufacturing and hospitality operations of the industry. Some of the brewer’s insurance policies include:

1) Business Property Coverage

A commercial property insurance policy protects your building and its contents such as machinery, computers, and beer stock from damage. The coverage also provides protection against fire, theft, vandalism, and equipment breakdown.

2) General Liability Insurance

A GL insurance policy provides coverage for injuries to other people’s property and bodily harm caused to others due to the negligence of the brewery owner or other employees in the company. It also covers minor accidents like slips or falls.

3) Liquor Liability Insurance

This insurance plan protects the brewery against claims involving serving and sale of beer to the guests on or off-site. A brewery might be liable for damage to property or personal injury to the guest or another person if he was under the influence of alcohol.

4) Workers Compensation


The state requires a brewery to purchase a no-fault insurance for every employee at the company. Insurance companies determine the rate based upon every $100 of the worker’s income. Workers comp insurance coverage provides medical coverage for the employee as well as compensation in a case of an accident.

Other policies to consider are: purchasing include umbrella insurance, auto insurance, property in transit, and bonding coverage. Remember to vet the insurance agents on their knowledge of the brewery industry for proper services.

Brewmaster: Why It Can Be a Dirty Job

Being a brewmaster is a fun job that I wish everyone could enjoy for a day.

I get to make beer for a living, and I can smell the craft beer in the air in the facility every day.

That is the good part. I get to taste the beer, check the materials and figure out how to put these things together. There is a dirty side to the job, though. I think that a lot of people forget this, and that can be a problem because they do not realize how hard it can be. You have to be willing to take the bad with the good because it can get pretty dirty.

The materials that are used to make beer are not as nice as you think they are. We can make something that is really nice to drink, but that does not mean it is nice all the time. We are very concerned that we are using the right materials, and we have to age and malt our materials to get them to perform well in every beer. That alone can cause a smell that you would not like, and you have to remember that you only smell the finished product.

The materials that are used to ferment the beer and get it to smell and taste the way we want have to be sopped off after the fact, and these parts have to be disposed of carefully because they do not smell all that good. It is a far cry from that nice beer smell you like. We have to throw these things out in special bags that will not let them leak in the dumpster, and we have to come back in to make sure that we can clean everything up. All the tanks and pipes have to be cleaned because they are holding onto the same smell that we just took out.  We have the best garbage disposal that money can buy to get all the pipes and drains cleaned out.


This cleaning process can take a couple days while we are brewing in another tank. You might think that you can flush it with water, but we have to make sure that we do not damage the tanks. We will usually clean them out by hand, and we’ll make sure that they are spotless before we move on. That takes a lot of time, and it will be very hard to complete without more than one person on the job. I am in charge of the tanks, and I have to be the one to look over this process.

I know that a lot of people think that it is a very romantic job where I get to make beer every day, but there is a dirty part that I do not want you to forget. You should come to a brewery to see what it is like, and you will find out that you can learn a lot about beer making in just one day. You will see the dirty and the pretty, and you will notice that we take very good care of our facilities.

5 reasons why craft beer is so popular

Craft beers are those that are made by a craft brewery. These breweries produce less than 2 million barrels. The demand for craft beers is increasing. Here are five reasons why.

It tastes better

Craft beers taste better than the mass beers that are produced. The brewers spend a lot of time focusing on the quality of beer instead of focusing on the marketing campaigns. They use the best ingredients possible in producing the beers.

More alcohol

Most craft beers contain 5% to 10% ABV. Some craft beers also contain 20%, 30% or 40% ABV even. So, you get the real taste of beer instead of the watery taste many beers have which adds even more alcohol.  There are some craft beers that are brewed in pressure cookers.  If you plan on doing this make sure you only use the best pressure cookers on the market to make sure you are extra safe.

Health benefits

There are health benefits to drinking craft beer. It contains more nutrients than wine. It has some soluble fiber, B vitamins, and many antioxidants. It is also a rich source of silicon.

Provides more choices

With craft beer, people get more choices. Every craft brewery makes beer in its special way with unique ingredients. So, you get lots of choices.

Beer tours

Craft breweries offer tours on a regular basis. You can visit the factory and see how the beer is made. You can talk to the people out there and know a lot about beer. You can even taste fresh beer as it is produced.

Craft beers are cheaper than the normal beer. They taste better, more nutritious and cost much less than the normal beers you find in many pubs. Craft beers are the trend now. If you haven’t tried one yet, you should buy one and see the real difference. Once you start to enjoy the craft beer, you won’t like the general ones anymore.

3 tips on ordering a beer at a restaurant

When you are in a restaurant, ordering a beer can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you find the right beer if you are a seasoned drinker.

Talk to your server


Craft beer is the trend now. Your server should know the comfort level of the craft beer. They can recommend you a beer that will go well with any dish; for example, a sour or fruit beer. Sour beers are complex and interesting. If you have some idea about beers, then you can suggest a style of beer you prefer.

Consider your choice of food


The choice of beer depends on the kind of food you are going to have. If you can make a good pairing with your beer and food, then your meal will be much enjoyable. As a general rule, you can pair red meat with brown ales; and Helles lager with fish or vegetables.  IPAs go well with Mexican dishes. Porters and stouts are good for desserts.

Check out the ABV


The alcohol by volume or ABV can be from 2.7% to 20%. So, you should check the ABV before ordering. It is better to start with the lightest beers. If you try beers with high ABV the first time, then it may be too hard on you.

You can also try something your friends recommend. If you drink beer regularly, then you know how to choose the right one; but if you don’t then the tips just discussed will help you to enjoy a nice glass of beer.  If you find something you really like, you can even try making it at home.