URBN St. Brewing was formed in 2005 by brewer John Harris. Harris began his brewing career in 1991. With so much expertise in this field, he and his wife started this company for providing the best product and service to its customers.

We produce every beer with outstanding quality and experience. You will love the unique taste of our beers. We have a wide range of beers in every beer style. Some of our beers are very popular, and customers always demand these. One of the interesting aspects our company is that we brew new beers every month. So, the customers always have something new to taste.

We have a great range of menus to serve our customers along with the various twists of beers. You will be able to enjoy more than 40 beers. So, if you are looking for something to enjoy this evening, just come to our shop and enjoy the best selection of beers in town.