URBN St. Brewing was formed in 2005 by brewer John Harris. Harris began his brewing career in 1991.

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We offer a delicious selection of food on our menu. There is something for everyone.

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We produce every beer with outstanding quality and experience. You will love the unique taste of our beers.


Since our beginning in 2005, we have developed well in the brewery field. Now we have three pubs across California. We make our beers using the finest ingredients. So, we select excellent selection of real ales. We try to fit as many beers as we can in the bar. Besides the tap beer, we also offer the regular bottled beer.

We understand that it’s a hassle to go to some other place to eat. So, if you are hungry, you can select from the wide range of food menu we have. You can get a salad and other lunch or dinner food menus. Like our beer, we choose fresh ingredients for our food as well.

Why our beer is special

beers• It uses the finest ingredients.
• We have light, medium and strong beer.
• The ingredients are fresh and unique.
• You will get a unique combination of flavors in each beer.
• We come up with a new beer every month.
• There is something to satisfy everyone’s taste.

We offer regular brewery tours. So, for any occasion, you can book a brewery tour with us and find out what it's like to be a brewmaster. Our factory is Victorian building having a rustic atmosphere. We guide our visitors through the brewing process and you'll learn why our beer is so popular. We show them how the various types of beers are brewed. You can try a sample of real ale that is manufactured on the premises.

We hope you keep on enjoying our beers the way you have been doing so far. We will provide you with new tastes and better service in future.